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Bette's articles on marketing, management, leadership and Generation Y have been published in more than 200 trade publications throughout the nation. If you would like to reprint some of Bette's most popular articles, we grant you permission to download and publish any of the posted articles in your publication or website as long as you provide the following appropriate credit line upon publication:

Bette Price, CMC, is an international author, Certified Management Consultant and President of The Price Group. She is the founder of GenBlending™, a line of services that helps companies to blend generational knowledge and talent strategies for a profitable future. Her book, based on fresh, Generation Y research, will be released in 2010. Contact her by calling 972-404-0787 or by going to or

The following articles are available for download. Or, contact Bette direct to write a customized article for your publication:

  • Leading a New Generational Workforce
  • Selling to a New Generation of Buyers
  • Cut Costs with More Meaningful Meetings
  • Telling The Truth Counts Big Time in Tough Times
  • Ten Timely Tips for Hiring the Right Employee
  • Time to Review Employee Engagement
  • Six S.I.M.P.L.E. Steps for Being a True Leader
  • How Are Your Bedside Manners?
  • Accountability Counts
  • Death by Poor Planning
  • Hiring a Consultant
  • Lessons Learned from a Values-Based Man-Tim Russert


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