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The leadership pendulum is shifting!
True Leaders provides a blueprint for this shift.

How Exceptional CEOs and Presidents Make A Difference by Building People and Profits

By Bette Price and George Ritcheske

True Leaders draws upon the wisdom's of 27 of the nation's most successful business leaders who operate from a set of core values that allow them to recognize that while financial performance is expected, there is also a great need to genuinely demonstrate their inherent love and caring for people.

True Leaders is a blueprint for leaders within companies large and small-even leaders of non-profit organizations and trade associations. From this book anyone aspiring to become a successful leader will learn ten guiding principles for sustained success. You will learn what values motivate and drive these true leaders and match their motives against your own.

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How To Take Control of Your Life In Uncontrollable Times

Failure to recognize the powerful role rejection plays in one's ability to cope with change often results in misplaced blame, anger, competitiveness, workaholism and unrealistic expectations of how to rebuild for the future. This doesn't have to happen. This book has resulted from Bette's own personal experiences, research and interviews with colleagues. The entertaining and poignant stories in this book make it fun, easy-to-read, inspiring and thought provoking. By presenting three Powerful Principles and twelve Price Points of Action, Bette shares a process that has worked for her and will work for you.
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Your Roadmap for Improving Employee Performance

Fourteen of America's leading experts reveal how to boost morale, improve teamwork, keep attitudes high, foster creativity and innovation, and create an enthusiastic, productive workforce. Price's chapter, "The Hidden Performance Factor," deals with the importance of knowing how to boost employee performance by discovering each individual's underlying drive. Learn why it is important to do right fit hiring not only for the job but for the company's culture.
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Development Tools

We are a licensed, authorized value-added partner of TTI Performance Systems, Inc. and certified in their assessment tools. TTI Performance Systems is a research-based, problem-solving company which specializes in the resolution of issues related to performance improvement. TTI is a pioneer in developing easy access to human resource development with ongoing research to produce new products designed to uncover and enhance human potential.

Over two million people have experienced the power of TTI reports and they are available in NINE languages in over TWENTY-FIVE countries. TTI has the highest validated DISC assessment available.

Primary TTI Development Tools include:

  • Managing For Success DISC Behavior Assessment
  • Success Insights Workplace Motivators
  • Success Insights Emotional Quotient
  • Task Quotient (TQ)
  • TriMetrix® Hiring System
  • Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values Assessment
  • TTI Emotional Quotient
  • Managing Performance Priorities
  • TriMetrix® Job Benchmarking
  • TriMetrix® Coaching Report

A collaborative relationship between The Price Group and TTI in your search for top talent. This TTI division is supported by an exclusive team of certified staffing professionals who understand the industry and its compliances and have tested this service in the marketplace to be sure we are providing a proven system that WORKS! Results as of today have achieved a 92% retention factor-nearly unheard of in the industry.

Additional Development Tools:

  • 20/20 Insights 360° Survey
  • GenBlending™ Organizational Assessment




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